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UK NewspapersAn article we noticed earlier in the week indicates that in the UK the primary source for tablet based news portals are from the higher grade or ‘broadsheet papers’, leaving the tabloids to basic ‘porting of content’ from the paper to the device.

Newspapers such as the Guardian and the Financial Times are utilising the devices which are now available more so than the so called ‘Red Tops’ (UK tabloids all have primarily Red top banners on their front pages)

There were 80 new tablet devices announced at this years Consumer Electronics Show which is held annually in Las Vegas.

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The FT has been selling digital content now for ten years and has had a tablet option for iPad since Mid 2010, it comes as little surprise that the reasoning behind the addition of digital editions for these particular newspapers and more importantly from this end of the segment is due to cost base analysis, the iPad and other tables are more expensive than some readers can afford, but as prices for the tablets drop and if HP were inadvertently testing the water with their withdrawal of the Touch Pad and sell off for $99, the price will eventually have to drop and so the other part of the sector will come on board – for now that end must prevail with a simple port – rather than a digitally designed application specific for the device.

The original article was posted here and is worth a read.

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