TV Company to break into books

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Ipad publishingNBC are to move into digital publishing as this story reports from Wired today reported from the tech gurus here.

Some of the reasoning behind the move tie in with some of the issues and topics we’ve been writing about here at 3D issue like making the most of your older content for example and always designing with the audience in mind – not just conversion….

NBC make the move as they have valuable content already which they can provide via the medium of digital publishing, they are good with a camera and securing rights to content.

Topics like this are relevant from the large right down to the small business, take a look at what your good at and utilize this in a digital publication, one mans trash is another’s treasure what you think is not relevant might just be, it all depends on the flip software

For more info on this move and why they are pleased Apple have announced the new iBooks 2 text book App follow the link above and if you have queries on how you might use digital publishing in your business get in touch

NBC Publishing Wants to Prove a TV Company


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