8 Reasons to Turn Pages Digitally for an Optimal Reading Experience

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Turn-PagesHad you ever envisaged 10 years ago that you could be digitally turning pages of an interactive book or magazine loaded with animation, video, audio and web links. Today software allows for the familiar reading habits of old to be evolved into new realms; as a mix of old and new is born in the form of digital publications.

Why has the page turn been carried through to digital? Why not just click to the next page? Research shows that people like the familiarity of old traditional habits integrated with groundbreaking new technology. It is a lot to do with smooth transitions and adjusting easily to new trends.

Technology is fueling new waves of growth, every business has a digital facet these days. Some sort of online presence. Is it time to rethink, or update yours?

Reasons to have a turning page digital version:

1. Reach a wider audience by getting your content online in the form of an eBook or magazine

2. Promote your business in the guise of a digital catalog

3. You can choose a Default View Mode: pick either Page Flip, Slide or Presentation.

4. You can choose to present the layout of your digital book as a single page spread, double page spread or a mixture of both.


5. Fashion retailers are seeing the emergence of the Lookbook from top designers and retail marketers are following suit in the high street and privately owned stores also.

6. Integrate video. On a page turn you can have programmed a video to start or and audio to play engaging the reader to a new level of interactivity.

7. Bookmarking options: just like a real book you can bookmark pages, but digital allows you to go one or two steps further. You can then share the bookmarked page through email, Facebook, google+ or twitter.

8. Integrate whatever level of spine shading you feel suits your digital publication best.

Why not turn pages into a fascinating digital world today?

By Audrey Henry


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