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smart phones Which are the top Smartphone platforms to be considered in the digital market place at the present time? The mobile devices platform has become increasingly important for digital publishing purposes– particularly the Smartphone has gained an outstanding position as one of the preferred devices. This blog will reveal the main players in the Smartphone platform based on an updated statistics reported by comScore as can be seen in the graph below:

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According to, one of the highlights in this report is that Apple has once more reclaimed its position as one of the strongest players in the US smartphones market thanks to the increasing number of subscriber on a monthly basis ‘During the three-month period covering November 2012 to February 2013, Apple added 8.9 million new iPhone subscribers – Apple’s share of the total smartphone subscriber base  grew to 38.9 percent from 35 percent’. explains that ComScore’s figures also shows that Apple remains in leadership in terms of Smartphone manufacturers.

The success of Apple is considered by some experts as a reward for the strong performance of the iPhone 5; and the company efforts to engage users with innovative product offerings seem to have worked well.

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