Tips to make your Digital Editions load faster!

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When creating your digital editions, whether they are magazines, brochures, catalogs or newsletter – user experience needs to be a key consideration.

publish online magazines and e-booksThe reader’s first impression of your digital edition will be whilst the publication is loading; test this for yourself and put yourself in the position of your readers. When you launch the edition how long does it take for the publication to display? This is key, readers can be very impatient and will not wait around whilst your publication takes its time to load, they could be gone in 5 seconds and searching Google for an alternative.

Larger publications such as product catalogs (which could be say 2000 pages long) may cause you this problem, but they won’t if you use and implement this useful tip!

3D Issue has a great feature called ‘load control’ which allows you to spread the load of larger publications of having all the pages load all at once. So if you have a large publication you can activate the load control and you can specify how many pages to load at any one time. This keeps the viewing experience for your end readers much faster. A simple feature that enables you to keep the attention span of your readers.

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For more information on this you can check out the video labelled ‘Load Control’ in the digital magazine video tutorial hub

There are some other quick ways you can make your publications load fast too:

1) Import your PDFs into 3D Issue at 72 dpi

2) When you are about to publish and upload your digital edition to your website, take a few minutes to optimize the publication’s size and speed in the OUTPUT tab.

3) Ensure any additional media elements you add to the publication such as videos are not too big.

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