Tips and Hints – Download file button and Banner size

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3d buttonDid you know you can add buttons to your 3D Issue Digital Publications which will allow readers to download a specified file directly to their desktop from within the publication?

The download file button is a nice way to distribute files without your readers having to trawl through your site.

Also as the buttons are customizable you can make them look however you want.

Another feature that is often overlooked unless you have advertisers is the banner area utilise the banner area to talk about your company too, remember you can ‘advertise’ within your own marketing pieces so so why not use this space?

Banners can be created and added to 3D Issues as JPEG files, the sizing is important here they need to be 60 pixels in height and wide enough to accommodate most screens – how do I do that I hear you ask? well it has been shown that 85% of computers are running a resolution today of between 1280 and 1920 pixels in width so to accommodate this sizing your banner will need to be 2000 pixels wide (at least)

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