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publishing 3.0In an intriguing post at TechCrunch recently, Author James Altucher outlines his thesis on why Publishing 3.0 is a monumental shift in publishing moving the power from Publisher to Author. Slowly but surely the self pubber is moving up the scale from irrelevant to vital source of publications. If somewhat niche.

Altucher describes publishing 3.0 as “where you can self-publish better, more successfully, better edited, better designed, better marketed, and make more money than if you go any other route. The reason this is possible only now is because for the first time, the best editors, designers, marketers are no longer working at the big publishing houses. Instead, they are striking out on their own and independently charging for their services. The demand is there. This route is more expensive than “publishing 2.0″ but is much more lucrative.”

We see this as clearly as possible with the statistic that in the past 15 million books published in the past year versus the 300,000 in the past 15 years. Where has this come from and what can one do to harness this opportunity? The increase in consumption of digital publishing generally has brought us to this point, and also the revenues available from high margin eBooks. The salient points to this are outlined below.

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Social media – allowing the self pubbers to build a ready market through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. The power to build an audience might not be enough for the publishers out there but it can be the crucial aid needed for the self pubbers.

Using self-publishing for Career purposes – Altucher contends that to get ahead business people must curate and compile the best of their ideas for public display.

Professionalism – creating where once professional help was required now the services of professionals are available to the self pubbers. The invisible ceiling is no longer in place.

Speed – the Self-Published author can expect to get their book to market almost a year faster than the published works. Taking out the middle man will increase speed to market and therefore returns.

Audio books – the general consensus from Althucher is that the audio book is an ideal and agreed way to not only make your publication stand out but also earn more money.

Title – The power to choose your own title for the publication is a rewarding and important piece of your publications prowess, the ability to grapple that makes it very worthwhile.

Marketing books – the possibility of using he marketing agency of choice like Brasscheck which Altucher uses makes for a happier author!

Check out the full article on TechCrunch here and see how you too can avail of these benefits for your publication. Check out 3D Issue Trial software to demo the full impact of our software and possibly realise your potential!

By Michael Maloney


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