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key factorsIf I mention the words Vogue and Cosmopolitan both genders of the human race will know what I am talking about. These are the traditional, globally recognised fashion and beauty bibles of the 20th century. Women turn to these for trusted advice and recommendations from the fashion and beauty experts. However, times are changing and now women are turning to new media experiences for stimulation and motivation when purchasing their beauty products.

A recent survey from BlogHer surveyed 1,074 women in America and portrays some insightful findings to the key factors that influenced their decision to purchase a particular product within the last 6 months. This survey reveals that blogs are two and a half times more likely to drive beauty sales than magazines. With $7 billion being spent annually in America on these products catching the on-line market would be a priceless asset to any digital company.

The survey asked “Over the last 6 months, which resource was more likely to cause you to make a beauty product purchase?” Women reading the blog knows that she is using a particular beauty product because a friend recommended it or because they read about it or researched it on line. It is true to form that we do our research on line and purchase off line. Stores still over shadow the on line purchasing of beauty products by 4:1. This is most likely because women like to see and hold their beauty products before purchasing. It’s a 3D, reassuring experience.

However, ask us where we heard about this product and why we are buying it and we will most likely tell you it was through word of mouth. This traditional word of mouth format has now transgressed from physical activity to the digital media world of blogging and social networking. From local to global.

The survey also asked “Which Resource is Most Helpful to Provide Beauty Product Advice and Recommendations?” Women rely on trusted bloggers and social networking sites and message boards to find out more information about their beauty products. This is driving sales in this category more than the traditional magazine does.

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Once upon a time blogs were used with the main aim to boost SEO and social outreach – now blogs are driving sales as well.  Companies should sit up and pay attention to the opportunity for this on line population and integrate blogs into some aspect, if possible, of their digital media. The facts and figures speak for themselves. Digital media is influencing our nation as well as our purse strings! Lots of our customers are already integrating a digital magazine into their offering – capturing those who like the magazine nature and those who are looking for online digital content.

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