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online contentWe have been developing digital publishing software for 9 years now and have been able to withstand some serious disruptions to this market. I remember back to the days when the flash & the desktop devices were the only platforms that you had to concern yourself with. I, Myself, was a flash developer by trade and thought there was no end in sight for this fantastic technology. There were simply no other contenders.

That completely changed with the launch of the iPad. Adobe’s refusal to continue supporting The Apple platform for their creative suite tools in 1999 really came back to haunt them. As we all know Apple blocked flash from their iPad devices and struck a blow from which Flash might never recover.

During this time great strides were made with HTML5 and the first serious contender to the online animation tool arrived. Major browsers now offer full support, Granted Internet explorer are still behind, but as with all things they will catch up eventually.

HTML5 offers huge potential to content publishing marketers over native apps as it offers them to publish once and market everywhere. With the new trend in responsive publishing HTML5 ensures that your content will automatically shape itself around the resolution of whatever device your readers chooses to consume that content on.


Unlike native apps, HTML5 retains the audience on your site and as HTML5 is searchable ensures that you have a greater opportunity to have users find your published content. If native apps are essential, its pretty easy to build native app wrappers around your HTML5 code so that you content displays within the native app environment. So all your apps for all your devices can use the same code repository.

While some companys want total control over how content is promoted and marketed within their mobile ecosystems, HTML5 is an open platform that will attract more developers and create more innovation.

Content markets need to focus on ensuring responsive HTML5 orientated content marketing solutions are part of their mobile strategy.

By Paul Mc Nulty.


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