The Digital Magazine and iPad relationship: Will it survive?

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digital publishing for the iPad magazinesDigital magazines are a modern day tool to revive and stimulate the readers of today away from the traditional print version of a magazine, catalogue or brochure. Publishers need to meet the reader’s demands and create a fluid transition for the reader from the print to digital versions of their publications.

iPad digital magazines have only been available to us for the last 6 months or so and needs to be given a chance to set its roots, grow and eventually develop its applications from the PC and Mac and evolve to the  iPad.

Many argue that the digital magazine software for the iPad is doomed to fail saying that they just don’t have the wow factor. Others are of the opinion that they are having zero effect on digital expansion and progression. Only time will tell. Such a person is New York Times web designer, Knoi Vinh.  He argues:

Take the recent release of the iPad app version of The New Yorker. Please. I downloaded an issue a few weeks ago and greatly enjoyed every single word of every article that I read (whatever the product experience, the journalism remains a notch above). But I hated everything else about it: it took way too long to download, cost me US$4.99 over and above the annual subscription fee that I already payfor the print edition and, as a content experience, was an impediment to my normal content consumption habits. I couldn’t email, blog, tweet or quote from the app, to say nothing of linking away to other sources — for magazine apps like these, the world outside is just a rumor to be denied. And when I plugged my iPad back into my Mac, the enormous digital heft of these magazines brought the synching process to a crawl.”

All in all the iPad will need to donate more to its readers than the average shop bought print edition of a magazine. It will need to promote its application benefits to the publisher as well as the reader… remembering the fundamental basics of content being crucial and that a jazzed up pdf version just doesn’t  measure up in today’s advancing world of media.
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