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ipad newspaperSteve Jobbs, the Chief Executive of Apple and Rupert Murdoch, the Head of media Giant News Corp have joined forces and are going digital to release a new i paper for the iPad. This digital newspaper is the first of its kind to be designed specifically for the tablet and like computers.

It will not be available on the web or in print format. So as there are no print or distribution fees and costs the paper is to be released at $0.99 an issue. And don’t be surprised if Apple soon releases a subscription plan available for the paper in the not too distant future. For which they will want to control pricing in a similar style to their iTunes application. But are media companies ready to lie down and give into the price control that Apple wants? Let’s wait and see.

“The Daily” is currently being designed and is kept under wraps on the 26th floor of the News Corp offices in New York and is due for publication in January of next year. The publication has so far employed an elite staff of 100 top journalists and a video design team. Jesse Angelo, who has been described as a young man, but an old Murdoch hand”, is expected to be announced as the editor of the publication.

The i paper is already causing a stir in the media publishing industry. “The Daily” is anticipated to deliver concise, current affairs, sports, entertainment and business stories to the reader.

Women’s Daily fashion magazine has described “The Daily” as “ tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence.”

The buzz the future launch of this magazine has created is spreading like wild fire, much to the delight of Apple and News Corp. Murdoch’s brief statement of his exciting project”   reiterates his desire to bring the newspaper from the print era into to the future of digital publishing.

He realised that many people are using the iPad much more than those aimlessly surfing the web. This shows us that people are looking for a high quality and original content publication. So just what does this partnership entail for  Murdoch and News Corp?

“He(Murdoch) envisions a world in which every family has an iPad in the home and it becomes the device from which they get their news and information,” a source revealed. “If only 5-percent of those 40 million subscribe to the Daily, that’s already two million customers.”

It remains to be seen just whether this iPad digital paper will live up to the hype it is generating. Its main target audience seems to me to be aimed at commuters and busy people alike who have a limited reading time during the day and those who just want clear and concise information, entertainment and key stories and issues of the day in their limited time frame. Time will tell!

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