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book publishing social mediaThe way readers buy and read their books has changed over the last few years. Social media has got a hold of us all, including the book publishing industry. Readers and authors have made the transition from the traditional paper and hard back copies to a multi media, interactive, digital  experience of consuming content.

Publishers are under threat as authors are leveraging rapid changes in communication technology. With the assistance of the Internet, eReaders and the iPad, authors are developing, promoting and selling their stories in ebook, page turning, digital format. So why exactly is this ink to interactive revolution taking place?

New technology capabilities have soared the standard of publishing multi media content.  Authors are now able to self-publish using embedded interactivity, translation windows, text to speech and 3D book production capabilities.  The screening process for self-publishing is much speedier and easier to break through than the old, traditional paper edition process of publication.

Digital ebook publications enhance the readers experience and bring a book to life. Social media is proving itself to be a friendly commodity in the sale of author’s publications. Books raise discussions and bring people together. Social networking allows readers to discuss content and leave feedback for eachother and the author and also enables the author to gather feedback, create profiles based on reader preferences and track consumer behaviour via the technology of SEOs and Google analytics. Blogs are created and based around the published content and stories. And to top it all of all of  this ‘word of mouth’ activity is free advertising and marketing for the author. Bonus!

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Social websites and links from Facebook, Twitter etc direct traffic to an author’s website. The author’s website needs to be a hub for the reader, giving them a chance to communicate directly with the author and search for other titles available from them. Forums based on content topics allow readers to have their say and interact with other readers about their reading material.

Authors can publish interviews, produce internet radio chats, embed videos and advertise personal appearances like book signings. All this gives the reader a much more personal and advanced relationship with the author. This personal, social and interactive live streaming is what enables the author to engage with their readers, they can understand them and this down the line sells more copies as a result of social commerce.

Digital, multi media, page turning ebooks are easily transmitted and duplicated with minimum cost. It enables author/reader engagement and the ability to be attentive to consumer demands and habits as well as reaching an international varied audience. The assistance of social media gives the author freedom to tell and sell their story while the readers can comment, share and communicate with each other about it worldwide instantly.

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