The Amazon Fire is out already?

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Amazon FireIs the Fire out already? When Amazon announced that they were to release a Premium tablet at a reasonable price and lets be honest it was exciting, they promised great books and content and a lovely screen to view it on and a cool way of buffering information from the web via the Amazon computer set up.

All this and then the thing launched early about six days early and – the reviews are bad good review here.

This is a disaster for the Fire the idea that a digital publishing based device with the color screen was going to be good was based on the company behind it, what was’nt noticed in the pre-release hype was that the device is running on a dodgy version of Android which resembles nothing you’ve seen before but the conversion is not done well. The reviews vary from the sketchy Apps to the bulk and the too shiny screen.

Remember Apple has already seen the RIM (Blackberry) Playbook out of the market as we blogged about when the tablet device was withdrawn. And the HP Touch(book?)pad is still in the odd bargin bin out there if you look really hard, like in Alaska remote hard.

This is all a shame how good would it have been to see a true low cost competitor for the iPad at this stage – the market is ready the people are ready – but nobody can do it that is until Apple probably go and do it themselves!

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