The Advantages of Digital Editions

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There are so many ways to look at digital publishing and full books on the topic, from How advantages digital editionsto use software for making magazines down to online publishing and more.

Here at 3D Issue one of the core principals behind the software is that it creates pageflip publications in minutes – so in this blog post we’ll take a quick look at some of the reasons why 3D Issue offers an advantage when it comes to digital publishing over the more traditional print.

There is a well know mnemonic for planning which is a real Business 101 tip and it goes that all plans should be ‘SMART’. So what exactly does that mean? It stands for:

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Agreed

R- Realistic

T- Timed

Look at any good plan and you’ll see these elements, we thought it would be a novel way to look at digital editions. SMART is also a tidy way of pointing out 3D Issue’s advantages as an online magazine or maybe for marketing communications, or indeed in any of the multitude of ways you might use the software.

Specific – Digital publishing is accurate in way that will never be achieved with hard copy editions why is this so? Digital publications allow for clarity where other options cannot, consider a reader prompt for example “Sign-up here” or “Share me on Facebook”  all options that allow for a way of communicating specific and targeted information in way not possible not long ago.

Measurable – possibly one of the most important part of any eBooks or publication is that each and every (practically) action by a reader is recorded and tracked, this level of control has never been seen before, this is not tracking it is a recording – ready for playback as and when a publisher sees fit for more information on Google analytics and 3D Issue see this blog post.

Agreed – The digital publication is never a ‘make-do’ publication many reader’s of magazines and newspapers around the world are part of readership figures but did not purchase the publication. With a digital publication each reader and purchaser is a choice maker more likely to share and not a 2nd hand user.

Realistic – The digital edition makes sense the measure-ability and the choice making involved by the reader (no accidents) ensures that the findings and facts from each publication are real in a way that old fashioned readership figures cannot be, down to the date, time and IP location.

Timed – Delivery of a digital publication is instantaneous, the best type of timed delivery! Automated and accurate. The speed possible with a digital edition allows for content creation as and when it is required in as responsive a way as possible, something which is just not possible with a hard copy publication.

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