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Tablet-ReadingThe reading of digital magazines on tablets has been a tech trend that has taken hold in the last 4 years much to the delight of publishers that once feared their audience was weakening.

The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010 and in the few short years since it figures have come to show that the tablet has been pivotal in the saving of the magazine industry from obliteration, according to

When creating a digital magazine, we find a lot of our digital publishing software users design their magazine with a tablet reading audience in mind. We often get asked the best size to create a magazine to suit iPad viewing.

We recently got asked these questions, for example:

Question: Does 3D Issue create iPad and tablet publications?

Answer: Yes, 3D issue creates both flash and HTML5 digital magazines from your PDFs.

Question: I’m a subscriber of 3D Issue and embarking on my first flip book. What is a good size page to create a double page “magazine” type flip book? 8×8″? 8.5×11″?

Answer: Hi, thanks for your message. If you’re aiming for a tablet audience; 8.5×11 inch pages are a pretty common and usually work well for that purpose. In my opinion, some wider dimensions like 9×11 inches or 9.5×11 also work pretty well when viewing on an iPad. As long as the width is not greater than the height, the double page spread will display when viewing on an iPad in landscape orientation. These dimensions work well for PC, and mobile viewing too. I hope your first flipbook goes well, happy publishing!

I hope today’s blog has enlightened you to current magazine publishing trends and their popularity to be viewed on tablets. See an example here of a digital magazine: you can view this on an iPad, tablet, mobile or computer.

Top tip: When using digital publishing software make sure the publications you create will be accessible across all devices.

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By Audrey Henry


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