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pdf to flash magazineA new report released from Gartner yesterday revealed some interesting information on the future trends and uses of tablet devices. There was a time in the early days of these devices where many stated that tablets would not replace the computer, however many including Techcrunch believe that  ‘The age of the tablet is definitely upon us’.

Techcrunch reported on Gartner’s latest findings in an article yesterday. The key findings were:

– This year, Gartner says there will be sales of 118.9 million tablets, growth of nearly 100 percent on a year ago.

– Whilst the competition in the tablet market is increasing, this space is very much still Apple’s as they hold on to 45% sales. It is worth noting though that Apple’s market share was 83% in 2010, so the competition are catching up.

– Tablet usage figures highlight that 50% of owners replace with 2 years. However, could this be due to early days of the device where significant changes being more frequent require more frequent updates during this phase?

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The report certainly highlights that this is no ‘phase’. Today it can be very straightforward for content marketers to convert their content into tablet optimized publications. Reading and consuming media on the go can be enabled in just a few steps to provide readers with a unique reading experience that best suits their device.

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