10 Student Recruitment Strategies

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strategies to help promote student recruitment to university / collegeThe development of technology in recent years means that there are several new ways of reaching out to prospective students to show the true “value” associated with an education in your university. The proliferation of smartphones continues to rise in that 15-24 year old category and will continue to do so. Most prospective students will have a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account and some will have all three. The key to success will be to bring your current recruitment strategies up to date by enhancing what has worked before and integrating mobile and social strategies across your activity.

1. Sponsor events focused on students and their parents
2. Engage students through social media such as FB with competitions, surveys and content apps
3. Provide a personalised touch when communicating with your student
4. Involve your alumni group in reaching out to prospective students
5. Use current students to add credibility to your offer
6. Survey prospective students to find out what interests them
7. Show the strength of your third party industry affiliations with their future employers
8. Offer support services and advice to schools in the surrounding area
9. Have interactive open days allowing them to “do” something on their visit
10. Create dynamic engaging prospectus, enhanced with multimedia, accessible on mobile devices

Whichever activities you choose, you must ensure your content is mobile, social and personal to the students. Bring it to life with podcasts, video blogs, and webcasts to share the work of students, faculty, visiting scholars, and alumni with the broader world. You must measure the fruits of your success.

Digital publishing software can be a great help in this process and it won’t break the bank. It enables you to create multiple forms of digital documents to support many of those 10 points made above. Create more engaging material by embedding video or audio and links to other material, where appropriate. These documents can be made available to read online or offline across all technical platforms, integrating your SEO and social marketing tools. See wonderful examples of such digital documents and download a free 14 day trial of a cross-platform digital publishing solution and get started today. Image is thanks to the nice folks here.

By Linda Daly


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