Some Tips on E-Magazine Design

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e-magazine designWe noticed this article earlier today and figured it was a good resource for customers who are maybe in the habit of using the same format every time with their 3D Issue software, and need some new e-magazine design ideas.

As we’ve Blogged before it is so important to design for the web every time a piece of marketing communications or other piece is created so that your hard copy looks and feels great but also so that when converted for the web it functions as you want it to.

In this article the author raises some interesting points which many will find useful, he asks about how to balance the content versus the design element, and includes simple tips on how to create in a nice way e.g. leave white space – which we say all the time but is it there?

He looks at some of the website reading services and how sites convert in this process and also looks back to manuscripts as old as the book of Kells for inspiration.
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