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The reader toolbar is a vital area in any digital edition created using 3D Issue for a number of reasons.HTML5 digital

1. It specifies the features your readers can avail of
2. Provides a certain level of interaction for the publication
3. Can require some planning in an area which might otherwise go a miss.

The Reader tool bar can provide any of the following features for your reader Contents*, Print, Help, Sharing*, Search, Archive, Download, Settings, Full screen, Bookmarks*, Notes*, Thumbnails and Exit.

To add an option to your reader toolbar Click Design > Features. To access the Sub-Menu highlighted below select ‘Edit feature Order’

*Professional and Enterprise Editions only.

Some areas to look out for in particular are:

Printing – the printing option in 3D Issue allows readers to select the pages which they wish to print by checking a box, by not activating the print option your readers may still take screen grabs of your content so further investigation may be required to provide your necessary security, consider a Multimedia projector application which can lock publications to a certain PC or MAC like this one perhaps.

Archive – if your activating the on-line archive in your publication ensure that there is some content available from the beginning, an empty archive is of no benefit to anyone so it is suggested this option be activated as and when it is required by adding so up-coming releases e.g. ‘June 2012 Edition Coming soon’ For information on setting up your digital edition Archive click here.

3D Issue Reader toolbar

Hidden Toolbar – What if you’d like a toolbar but not be able to see it? by selecting black as the icon color in the publication (Design>Appearance) it will set up your reader toolbar as a black bar and hence the buttons cannot  be seen, this could be an interesting way to provide a toolbar for those in the know or why not make an ‘Easter egg’ from it! By utilizing the sub-menu option you can really hide the toolbar – but still remains for when you need it.

Sub-Menu – the ‘mini-me’ toolbar is at the base of the reader toolbar the Sub-Menu can be as large or as small as required it all depends on how many items it is decided to include, the sub-menu can be a tidy way of highlighting one particular menu option over the rest, or maybe three or four key options with the rest hidden away.

Translations – the translations option can be used to re-name each element of the reader toolbar, don’t like ‘Print’? Perhaps ‘Voucher’ would be better for your publication? Using the Options > Translations menu edit each menu element to your specification. For a blog post on how to add an alternative language in 3D Issue for your digital page flip click here.

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