Does your Social Media Marketing Strategy Urgently Need Help?

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Social Media Marketing Strategy It can seem a little overwhelming with so many social sites to look after and post to. It can really make your head spin. If you feel like you need some help getting to grips with the current methods of curating your content and sharing socially then reading this blog should enlighten you today.

If an update to your social media marketing strategy is needed, implementing a few helpful tools is a good idea as it really can cut a lot of the time consuming work out. So in this blog I will suggest a few that are proven in marketing circles to be useful.
Hootsuite: Known by the owl icon Hootsuite is a social media tool with which you can program posts ahead of time. With it you can schedule posts to your social sites, monitor your accounts, and measure growth. You basically can manage multiple networks and profiles in Hootsuite under a single dashboard. Really handy for reaching markets that are in different time zones, so while you sleep the posts you have set up ensure your business is still awake.

3D Issue Hubs
: is a tool for assembling your content from lots of online sources. Your fan base may follow your Facebook feeds, but be unaware of your presence on other social media networks. This way you can show your audience the wide array of online content you have in one visually desirable Hub and gain follows across your varied social sites. You can use this link to your Hub to share in email campaigns, newsletters, etc. It can also include trending news, blogs, whatever RSS feeds you like. Best practice would be to create your Hub to cater to your target markets’ interests. Hubs is easy to start using as outlined by its step by step video tutorials.

In this sample below we can see how L.A. Louver Gallerys’ Hub looks. It will give you a good idea as to how your content would look as a Hub and the potential you can create for your marketing strategy.

Click on the image below to launch the Hub!   Social Media Marketing Strategy

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By Audrey Henry


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