How to do Social Media Marketing B2B Style

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Social-media-marketing-b2bBuilding relationships is key to growing and developing in further markets. Opening opportunities in fields where business can benefit through working together is something that has been going on for decades.

Nowadays, with the existence of social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter the channels of communication between businesses are broadening up. The more connections you have, the better, people can view your profile and attain just how connected you are by the reviews and endorsements you have got online. This first impression can mean a lot to a new potential business relationship. How often do we do a web check on someone to learn more about them before doing business with them? It is just a common practice, so make sure your social presence is up to scratch.


Blogging and producing worthwhile content is a way of introducing yourself in social groups and forums. Linked in, Facebook and Google+ all have this in place for businesses to hang out, share ideas, and chat about whatever is on their minds.

Further technology is constantly being developed and updated to aid business strategy. We know that technology and business strategy go hand in hand. Both are correlated.

Business to business marketing is companies doing business with each other as opposed to customers.

So, how can you get other businesses to notice you. How can you build relationships? Well, did you know that technology tools for the aggregation of social content are being widely used by marketers and business alike. A tool we will talk about today is called Hubs. It collects all your online content and that of whatever contributors you invite all together in a Hub. The Hub takes care of itself and the content auto updates, meaning your Hub is always full of fresh news. See a Hub here. Create you own Hub today and give the social media groupies something to notice.

By Audrey Henry


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