Creating a Valuable Social Media Content Strategy

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social-media-contentYou create web content to gain traffic to your site. Traffic can convert into leads, conversion and sales for you. Thus, content has become a marketing must of late. What business doesn’t have a website, or online profile? Most enterprises are online in some way, whether its through social media profiles like Facebook or websites or web pages.

Top tips for creating content for your social media strategy:

Use nice imagery – a picture can tell a story and it is the visual asset to gain your audience’s attention. Meta tag your image and it will be found easily in google image search. Pay particular attention to how you tag all content on your site with appropriate keywords to match your product or service.

Use a software tool to collate your content in a hub

All the sites you are on can be curated in a hub, be it your blog, rss feeds, social networks, trending news, you can even add the flipbooks you may have created in the 3D Issue software. Also, you can add articles manually and set up google alerts via your hub. The advantage of the hub is that all your information is in one place and it is an innovative way to showcase your product via a web link. This hub and link will auto update as frequently as the sources too, so handy as you create your hub once then it maintains its self.

Click on the image below to launch a hub


Investigate paid ads for your posts on Facebook and similar networking sites:
Launch a few trial experiments with paid or sponsored posts. Evaluate the effectiveness of it and decide based on the results what type of content is getting you the most likes and conversions. Then invest revenue in the campaigns you are gaining a return from.

By Audrey Henry


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