Smartphone ownership figures – bring no surprises

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eBook In the first research from the Pew Internet Project it has been found that 35% of US adults now own Smartphones and among a certain group this rises to 42% of adults.

Nearly 87% of these use e-mail on the phone and 68% of those use this feature on a daily basis.

Urban and Suburban dwellers are twice as likely to own a smart phone and those who are college educated are more likely to also own a phone.

Half of homes with a median income of $75,000 are smart phone owners, with Android users making up 35% of the total ownership amount with 24% using iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry combined, (not sure how useful that figure is combined but that’s the research!)

3D Issue will release its new iPhone-plug in this August to add to the iPad compatibility and the software is already compatible with Android.



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