Facebook to side step App Store via HTML5

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facebookApple Insider have today announced that the Facebook Apple, Adobe Flash battle that is raging will now take a new loop as Facebook pile the developers into a new project modestly named ‘Project Spartan’ to work a HTML5 based version of its eco-system for use on iOS Apple devices without the need for the App Store, so Facebook will use Apple’s own decision to work against them. Rebel Facebook.

Relations between Apple and Facebook are somewhat mellow it is widely known that talks which were afoot to bind the two via Apple’s Ping music service fell apart after 18 months or so of negotiation, looks like getting to yes was not possible that time for Steve but Apple insider have reported that he (Steve) has asked FB founder Mark Zuckerberg over for a bite to discuss again. Apple have of course since announced that Mac OSX Lion will integrate fully with Twitter and place it very much at the center of the usability for the new OS.

It has also been rumoured that Facebook were Apple’s first choice of a social network to integrate with, but alas no luck there for Apple.

Will Twitter make a mess of OSX? Who knows, or will Facebook’s decision to snub Apple first by not integrating and second by creating HTML5 for outside the App Store cause too much upset in the Apple Camp?

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