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shutter-magazineThis week we had the pleasure of speaking with the man behind the extremely successful digital publication ‘Shutter Magazine’, Mr Salvatore Cincotta. Just in case there are some of you out there who are unaware of this fantastic digital publication, (with a readership of 85,000 that can’t be too many of you!), Shutter Magazine is a photography magazine which was created by photographers for photographers in order to help raise the bar within the professional photography industry using the 3D Issue software. And raise the bar it does.

Mr. Cincotta himself has a distinguished history within the photography world having taken pictures of a wide and varied range of people, as Sal himself says, he has taken pictures of everyone “from sports stars to President Obama himself”, when one is faced with Shutter Magazine for the first time, one aspect is immediately crystal clear, this is a visually stunning publication which harnesses all the qualities inherent within digital media and is further enhanced by an extremely impressive range of photography and a highly polished graphical layout which combines with great effect to create an overall mood and feel of this truly engrossing digital publication.

shutter magazine
Shutter magazine is a free online photography training and education resource that is designed to help all professional and amateur photographers with how-to tips which includes all the facets of being a photographer regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur. Training topics within the magazine include photography lighting techniques, photography off-camera flash tips, photography posing guides, photography business concepts and marketing strategies, Facebook for photographers, boudoir and glamour photography training, high-school senior photography concepts, photography selling strategies, family photography, light room how-to, Photoshop how-to, and much much more.

Contributors to Shutter magazine include, Editor: Sal Cincotta, Writers: Blair Phillips, Dustin Lucas, Joe Switzer, Justen Hong, Kristin Korpos, Kristina Sherk, Kristy Dickerson, Lori Nordstrom, Michael Corsentino, Phillip Blume, Skip Cohen, Stacie Frazier and Vanessa Joy.

Meteoric rise in two short years

Launched in the fall of 2012, Shutter Magazine quickly gained an impressive number of subscribers, at the last count the aforementioned 85,000, which is a reflection of not only the visual quality of the magazine but is also testament to the caliber of content it houses between its digitally and visually enhanced pages. When asked about the inspiration that drove his creation, Sal explained; “Shutter Magazine was brought about by the need to provide an educational resource for photographers by photographers, not third party information but real current information that would appeal to other photographers that were looking information about the industry.”

“The main driving force behind the creation of behind the shutter digital magazine was the need for the inclusion of multi-media within our publications. Competitors were starting with print and simply duplicating this into digital” said Sal. “This to me wasn’t what a digital publication should be, multi-media had to mean multi-media.”

Sal’s solution was the inception of a publication that was, in his words, ‘born digital’, PDFs that were simply duplicated for the digital domain were not an option for Sal and his vision of what a digital publication should entail. When asked what the main reasons were behind the choice of 3D Issue as his publishing solution of choice were, Sal listed several key features, notably the ability to create offline editions, the presence of superior quality video presentation and the intuitive and easy to use backend process as the main reasons that influenced his decision. He continued; “My competitors were not doing anything similar to what we were creating through the 3D Issue software.”

Why choose 3D Issue to power your digital creations over other solutions?

Sal cited the high quality of the delivery and presentation of video and audio through the ¬¬¬3D Issue platform as the number one reason which convinced him to produce his digital creations using the software, “seamless video presentation rather than links to YouTube or pop ups” proved to be a vital factor in his decision to opt for 3D Issue over other digital publishing solutions.

Sal found the other solutions he tried “were clumsy in comparison with their attempts to integrate video and multi-media”, this was a facet of the digital media domain that Sal, correctly so, wasn’t willing to concede any ground with. Sal wanted the best possible platform to showcase his premium quality multi-media offerings which are sprinkled liberally throughout the publication, a feat which 3D Issue managed with aplomb.


The back end process in relation to the use of the software proved quick and simple to use, Sal alluded to this when he said “a publication often ranging up to 200 pages could be processed in a as little as a couple of hours due to the intuitive nature of the 3D Issue software.” Time as they say is money, a fact that Sal agreed on as he continued “my staff could create a publication within hours rather than spending an entire week doing it, this would include the addition of hyperlinks throughout the publication, advertisements and the inclusion of video and audio throughout”. This proved to be a significant factor in Sal choosing 3D Issue as his software of choice, second only to the video and audio capabilities of the software.

Offline editions available in the 3D Issue software a factor

The fact that the magazine can be viewed by the consumer as an offline edition also proved a significant factor in Sal’s decision to settle on 3D Issue as his software of choice for Shutter Magazine. 3D Issue allows the publisher to create an offline edition that can be put onto DVD, CD or USB and distributed as a powerful sales and promotions tool, something that sat easy with Sal when he was deciding between the various digital publishing platforms on offer. The offline edition is a fully functional digital edition that the interactivity of the online version. This option will allow your readers to download the edition to view without the need to be online.

The possibilities involved with offline editions are numerous, what about those conventions where as a promotional piece USB flash drives are often distributed – why not add value by including some marketing materials on the USB drive itself? Or perhaps where a one off bespoke publication is created and provided directly to a client, e.g. a proposal or tender for contract; wouldn’t a nicely presented via the off-line version of a publication. Similarly in a sales meeting marketing collateral can be nicely presented via the off-line edition presented via USB stick or CD/DVD to accompany a printed catalog or maybe as a ‘back-up copy’, the offline edition option has you covered.

Branding and advertising through the use of 3D Issue

Sal cited the ability to further build and reinforce his brand through the use of the 3D issue software as another major advantage, the unique sharing options available within the publications allows readers to share via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, an ability which helped Sal to additionally consolidate his brand across these social media platforms.

A browse through Shutter Magazine yields not only a visually stunning publication brimming with quality content, but one which is ably supported throughout by the inclusion of advertisements which are linked directly to their home sites through hyperlinks within their content, a fact which is sure to be a strong selling point with advertisers. That and the 85k readership of course!

Sal went on to commend the 3D Issue team for their professionalism and the support they continue to provide, the term ‘amazing’ used to describe the after sales support and service as he went on to explain that “in today’s society it is not uncommon for an email to remain unanswered for 3-4 days at a time, this was something that wasn’t an option when dealing with the staff at 3D Issue”.

Having already surpassed 85k in subscribers, Shutter Magazine continues to go from strength to strength and with advertisers sure to be delighted with the numbers involved this is a digital publication which is going places, fast. Sal hopes to break the 100k subscription barrier with Shutter magazine by the end of this year, a feat, which considering the quality and professionalism within the publication, we here at 3D Issue think they will achieve with some considerable ease.

Why not check it out for yourself here.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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