3 Important Tips for Creating Shareable Content

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Shareable-ContentCreate shareable content your audience will want to show their colleagues, and friends. Make the content as user friendly as possible by having links to share to social channels placed carefully.

Key to the contents shareability is the information itself. Ask yourself why you share content. And aim to achieve this for your content, make it unique, humorous and informative to your target audience. Make it dynamic by using the latest technologies in the form of software you can download to create the most up-to-the-minute digital marketing strategies.

1. Digital editions are widely used in the spreading of information, be it for marketing, organizational or community based projects. It’s biggest positive it that these editions once created from PDFs are so easy to share. See an example here of a digital guidebook and another here of the Superbowl program. You can create and share as many digital editions in the free trial period. Why not use this software trial to gauge if this would be a good means of sharing content for you?


2. Added video is a fuel that is igniting many a digital publication. With 3D Issue you can add video to flip books, eBooks, eCatalogs, and newsletters. Video in digital marketing is having a huge effect and is a mainstay in marketing campaigns.

3. Aggregate all your online content in one place. Having just one link to all your content; how can this be possible? Well click below on the image to launch the 3D Issue content hub.


It is a hub we made from all our online content. We simply added the rss feed to our blog, then we added the digital publications, we have published online, then we added all the social networks we are active on from Twitter to Instagram.

If you have any questions or would like more information simply contact info@3dissue.com.

By Audrey Henry


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