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sending newsletters Newsletters are still one of the most effective ways of reaching your target audience, if you believed everything you read, you would be forgiven for thinking that email newsletters had been usurped by social media and mobile marketing and all the changes that these genres have encompassed in recent years. Not so, if anything they should complement each other and be used in tandem, they should overlap and dovetail with one another. Email newsletters remain one of the most potent channels you can use to convey information and reach out to your existing customers. As well as being highly cost effective, newsletters provide you the most direct line for conversion to sales.

In marketing and communication terms, email newsletters have interminable potential; used in the correct manner they will offer you an additional connection with your client base beyond the realms of your website. You will be able to reach out and keep consumers updated with all the latest news about your company and your industry as a whole. Email newsletters aid you in forging relationships with your customers that will encourage them to revisit your site or engage them so you get a better idea of what information and data interests them.

Newsletters have one main aim, to remind the customer that you are still there, ready willing and able to do business, as well as supplying tips and company news, you can position yourself as a thought leader by supplying content that relates to your field of expertise and that of the customers interests. You can supply content containing industry trends, tutorials and any content pertaining to the subject matter at hand. Rss feeds are a great way of supplying up to the minute news within your newsletters, using platforms such as 3D Issue Hub you can ensure all market trends and related articles are part of your newsletter, this not only ensures you have all content relating to the field you are in but also that the information you supply is as current as possible. It is often said that news is out of date once it leaves the printing press, with the digitised world surrounding us and the advantages this holds for the techniques we can employ, it is imperative that we use it to our benefit.

As with most marketing techniques, the main protagonist is content, and not just any content, but the highest quality content that you can put your hands on, you may already have content at hand but if not, it really is worth spending the time creating high quality, original, relevant content. It will pay off in spades in the long run. We are all too familiar with email newsletters that are, for want of a better phrase, a waste of your time. Newsletters full of regurgitated poor quality content aren’t going to entice anyone to engage with you far less open your next newsletter. You have a limited amount of time to connect with the customer, if you mess it up the first time with poor quality content, chances are you won’t get another opportunity to reopen the lines of communication.

So you have the content, now what?

Once you have your content nailed down and know exactly what it is you are trying to communicate, you have to take care of the process as it will unfold i.e. ensuring your newsletter stands the best chance of being opened in the first place, this will come down to your subject line. This is a crucial part of the process, most people will quickly scan over their mails to see what interests them; the subject line on your newsletter is the only thing between you and the trash, so in this respect it’s vital you thoroughly think through what your title will be, you won’t get a second shot.

The subject line of your email should entice the consumer to open your newsletter, there are a variety of methods you can employ in the process. For example you should steer clear of using punctuation marks, capitalised headings and avoid gimmicks, spammy words and phrases. Your subject line should include a reason for the consumer to sit up and take notice, give them a reason to open your newsletter, promotions and offers are a good way of doing this. Adding the personal touch of using the intended’s recipients name is just one example of how you can use the subject line to have a positive effect on the open rate of your newsletter.

A good way of gathering data on the success of your subject line is to employ the A/B test, send out a variety of subject lines containing the same newsletter content and measure the return rate. You will quickly garner what subject lines work and those that are less effective.

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Another factor in newsletter marketing that sets it apart from its peers is the convenient manner that it can be accessed by the consumer, they don’t have to purposely seek out the information you are providing, it comes to them. All it takes is a simple click and they can access your content.

Frequent users of the internet are likely to check their e-mails at least twice a day, even busy users will log in to their email accounts at least once. This is the perfect time to get the attention of your clientele, even if they don’t click through the links in your newsletter, they will still be aware of your presence, this in turn will help boost brand awareness.

Newsletters gives you the opportunity to reach out and get to know your customers and, in turn, for them to get to know your organization. You will soon be able to gather information on what interests the consumer through statistics engines such as that available through 3D Issue Hub, this allows you to avail of its real time stat engine to get live feedback on how your readers are engaging with your content.

Watch everything from how long they spend reading your magazines, to what are the area that interest each individual reader, or what types of articles have the highest efficiency and much more.

It all boils down to the content

Whatever way you dress it up, the foundation and building blocks of any newsletter is content, and the quality of this content will be the deciding factor in the success rate of any current and future newsletters that you produce. Your subject line may well get your newsletter opened up but if the content is not there to back it up then you can bet your last dollar that it will be the last time it’s opened no matter how good the subject line is.

The consumer has a hunger for premium content with a strong relevance to their needs; it’s up to you to provide it.

By Charlie Gallagher


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