Include Videos In Your Digital Catalogs To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

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Sales conversion rateVisit your local barber and pick up one of the magazines he scattered on the table in the waiting section. You’ll probably discover it’s all about the latest industry trends and that it offers a wide range of tips and tricks you can use immediately. You may even get a free shampoo sample or two.

What you can learn from print magazines in the beauty industry is that they provide a clear value to its reader (usually in the form of how to guides or top trends) and are filled with giveaway offers or freebie products. The barber in our example benefits from this because his customers are ready to test the info they just discovered, so he increases his sales conversion rate significantly.

How to transfer this “knowledge” to the digital playground?
You’re in a privileged position compared to our classy barber because you operate in an environment with unlimited potentials. Your task is to pick the best tools to achieve your goals while managing to provide clear value to your reader and convert him into a loyal customer.

Creating a digital catalog isn’t enough anymore
Digital catalogs are becoming a standard in the online publishing industry and the only question you should ask yourself is whether you should mix them with print catalogs or not. After you decide this, it’s time to work on the quality of your digital edition.

Here are some of the unique opportunities this communication channel offers to your business:
• Pack extensive product info
• Going HD with your product promotion
• Include multimedia content
• Connect it with other channels (hint: social)
• Change the content at a moment’s notice

Videos are the key to an increased sales conversion rate
When used properly videos can increase your chances of winning the hearts of your readers, resulting in a minimal bounce rate and increase in your sales conversion rate. The main reason why this happens is that videos are attention grabbing by nature and represent a preferred type of media before anything else.

Not every video out there will provide results though. It’s 2016 and people expect to see quality in your production, especially if you’re a household name in your industry. Check out Ford’s catalog to see what I’m talking about. Having this in mind a “quality” video, leaving the production process aside, should follow these steps:

Identify a problem – Each customer, no matter the niche you’re in, has a problem he would like to solve. The funny thing about problems is they’re usually the same with a huge portion of your following.

Offer a solution – You’re the expert here after all. Just remember to include the usage of your product or service as a part of the solution.

Explain how the solution works – One short video can prove to be more valuable than a whole FAQ section on your site. Showing the customer what works and how they can get it is why videos are a hidden digital catalog gem when it comes to sales conversion rate increase.

You’re not sure how to share quality videos with your readers? Check out one of the videos we’ve created to address this problem:
How to add video to your digital editions

If you are interested in creating your first digital catalog, have questions or simply want more information, send us an email to or download the 3D Issue trial to start your project right away.


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