Saving Time with an Rss News Feed Reader

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rss feedsIt is widely accepted that the internet is one of the best and consistent providers of up to date information at our disposal, the sheer volume of information available is mind boggling.

It is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions of recent times, the volume of literature at our fingertips has transformed the way we live our lives today. Whether you are interested in staying informed of news from one continent to the next, it is only a click of a mouse away.

This volume of information can actually be a disadvantage in terms of the time required to digest the content, in today’s fast paced world, we do not always have the time to visit each individual news site that we would like to.

This is where Rss news feed readers such as Hubs come into their element.

Rss news feed readers such as Hubs can be utilized by synthesizing a number of Rss feeds from whichever websites and news portals that you have a particular interest in. So instead of visiting each site individually, you can set the news reader to extract the Rss feed from each site to be published and read by you through your news feed reader.  Ultimately this not only saves valuable time, but it is also a way of protecting your private details which otherwise you would have to supply to each site to log in and register with the site.

Another added bonus is that you do not have to try to remember all the various combinations of log in names and passwords for these sites, which, if you are like me, can be frustrating when there are so many to remember you inevitably forget some along the way!  Rss feeds are increasingly common in the majority of sites today, so keeping up to date with all your favorite interests is much easier as well as a lot less time consuming than visiting each site. Ultimately, instead of you spending time seeking out the information, the information comes to you.  I think you will agree, that with a commodity as precious as time is for all of us, especially in today’s world where information is literally whirling around us and available on nearly every device, this is an option that will allow you to use your time in more constructive ways that suits you and the way you wish to distribute your precious time. Image thanks to the nice folks here. 

By Charlie Gallagher


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