How to Utilize an RSS Feeds Aggregator

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blog aggregate contentIn today’s blog I am going to be concentrating on RSS feeds aggregators, what they are and how you can use them to benefit you in both a social and business aspect.

The information available to us today online is staggering, no matter what it is you require to find data on, it is no more than a click or two away, no longer do we have to rely on being told what is relevant content and news. We now, through the expansion and growth of the internet, have the power to seek out for ourselves what it really is we are interested in.

The only downside, if you can even call it that, is due to the scale of information involved, it is not always practical or possible to inspect every piece of data and website that you are interested in. It is in instances such as these that RSS feed aggregators show their true worth, they take away the mundane effort required in inspecting every potential piece of relevant of relevant data by gathering the information for you, displaying it in an easy to digest manner, on one easy to access platform.

What is an RSS feed?
You may have seen the RSS symbol on blogs or websites that you frequent, they are usually symbolised by a small orange icon like the one to the right, but can also take the form of text saying ‘RSS ’. An RSS  feed is basically an XML format of the content that you publish – these works can take the form of news headlines, blog entries, audio and video. So, whenever you find a site or blog that interest you, all you have to do is subscribe to the RSS  link.

Most websites have rss capabilities built into them, especially if they are sites that are updated often, like news sites or sites containing blogs.


What is an RSS  feeds aggregator?

An RSS  feed aggregator is a platform that you can use to gather, organise and display anyRSS feeds that you have subscribed to. It is a bit like your own personal newspaper where information you have deemed relevant will appear as soon as it is updated at source.

RSS  feeds aggregators such as 3D Issue Hubs can be utilized by synthesizing a number of RSS  feeds from whichever websites and news portals that you have a particular interest in. So instead of visiting each site individually, you can set the news reader to extract the RSS  feed from each site to be published and read by you through your news feed reader.  Ultimately this not only saves valuable time, but it is also a way of protecting your private details which otherwise you would have to supply to each site to log in and register with the site.

How to use Rss feeds in business

RSS  feeds can be used to benefit your business in numerous ways, when you develop your own RSS  feeds using your own original content, you maximise your online visibility, web search engines will start to take notice. You will start to attract a greater number of visitors to your site, not only this, but you will start to attract a greater variety of people to your site that might not have necessarily found you through traditional methods.

Your brand awareness will increase through publication of your RSS  feeds, other people then have the opportunity to syndicate your material if they find it has a relevance to their own particular audience, the more people distribute your content, the more your brand awareness increases.

By using publications such as Hubs, consumer behaviour can be monitored closely, if you know what your reader interests are, it then becomes easier to pinpoint these interests. Curating only the points of interest that are relevant to the consumer to a more specialized content portal rather than a general newsreel that won’t hold the viewer’s attention for as long as possible makes logical sense.
It is all about audience retention and with RSS any company can integrate social aggregation and establish themselves as a media powerhouse.

It is also worth noting that using content aggregators such as Hubs, in conjunction with RSS feeds, can keep your website updated daily, ensuring your site is fresh and up to date, this has a positive knock on effect in regards to ‘pulling’ readers towards your site rather than ‘pushing’ output to them in the guise of e-mail campaigns and other methods.

Viewer retention is vital in terms of both creating and increasing revenue through advertisements, but also in terms of adding to your existing readership and retaining the readers that you already have engaged and returning to your site in the future.

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By Charlie Gallagher


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