The Rapid Rise of Mobile Marketing

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mobile marketingMobile marketing and more specifically, marketing opportunities through smartphone usage has risen exponentially in recent years. Surveys have shown that there are now over six billion cell phone users worldwide, and of this six billion, over one billion are smartphone users, to put this into context, there are seven billion people in the world, so that’s one in seven of us use a smartphone on a regular basis. Quite an impressive number I think you will agree.

Research has shown that to reach this remarkable figure of smartphone users took sixteen years, estimations state, to reach two billion smartphone users it will only take another three years. This gives us an idea of the rapid rise of smartphones and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

In 2011, the overall spend on mobile advertising was $3.3 billion, by 2015 that figure is expected to skyrocket to $20.6 billion, another interesting figure is that over 71% of smartphone users that see a press, TV or mobile advertisement will immediately do a search on their mobile. A clear indication of where the market is heading.

Many of us now use our smartphones to browse the web daily; the 2012 Channel Preference Study by Mobile Marketing Magazine found that over half of consumers use their mobiles to check e-mails throughout the day, while 29 per cent checked their e-mail constantly throughout the day. This represents a huge market base that, in order to stay afloat and be successful, it is essential that your business caters for.

Mobile friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, it should be. Surveys indicate that over half of smartphone users browse the web at least once a day using their phone. The implications of this amount of traffic are huge, the last thing you want is for someone to browse through your site but quickly move onto one of your competitors due to the fact that your website isn’t configured to be viewed by mobile.

Push notifications

The advent of the smartphone has opened up the apps market to millions of user’s; the only downside to this is that it’s very easy for the consumer to get bogged down with the number of apps on their phones and even easier for your app to get lost amongst the deluge.

Push notifications are a great way of regaining the consumer’s attention, from simple messages to content rich content, push notifications keep you at the forefront of the consumers mind.

Push is an ideal platform for launching direct marketing campaigns, application updates, schedule reminders and productivity messages. This will help you develop brand awareness and loyalty and also help create new revenue opportunities.


Getting on board

The facts and figures tell their own story, you simply have to be on board the mobile marketing train, fail to do so and you are failing to react to consumer trends and behaviour. This will only lead to one conclusion and you won’t like what that conclusion is. So what can you do to be proactive to the ever evolving market of mobiles and smartphones?

Platforms such as Hubs can provide you with the perfect launch pad to build your mobile marketing strategy from, it can be implemented without the costly, time consuming task of a total website revamp, Hubs including has many tools that will aid you with your marketing to mobile elements such as:

* Stunning Layouts in an instant

Create, publish and share stunning online publications with these additional features.

* Build a magazine in seconds

Insert the URL location of your content and click build. It’s that simple!

3D Issue Hubs will then collect and format all of your content into a dynamic magazine. A 50 article feed can be produced in less than 5 seconds.

* Responsive Layouts

Allow your content to automatically adjust to suit the resolution of the device that your reader chooses to consume your content on. Hubs dynamically checks the resolution of your readers’ device and automatically formats your content to suit that resolution. No pinching or zooming, just beautifully formatted pages.

* Automatic updating

If you are using feeds, blogs or dynamic sources, you can set your magazine to update by itself.

Hubs will check your sources at a predefined date and time and then add any new content to your magazine then email you to let you know that your new responsive magazine is ready.

* Publish to any platform

As your content and your magazine is pure HTML5, it can be ported and viewed on any device.

Your magazine will automatically adapt to fit the resolutions of any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone device. Your content will also be able to be outputted to ePub3 and kindle formats.
This is an essential part of any approach to mobile marketing; you have to be accessible whatever the consumer decides to use to digest the content you wish to convey.

* API Ready

Integrate your apps into the core Hubs experience with its full API suite.

Hubs’s RESTFUL API exposes all of the functionality of Hubs to all users. With this you can build your publication in any language on any platform and integrate Hubs into all of your applications. Allowing you to gather content from any source public or private as long as your applications have access to it.

* Multiple Sources

There are so many different ways you can add your content into your responsive magazine.

You can add dynamic sources such as RSS feeds, blogs or static sources such as webpage urls or even copying and pasting content via our WYSIWYG editor. If you would like multiple people contributing you can add contributors by registering their email addresses and allowing them to submit content via email.

* Customization

Customize your publication. Personalize your magazine template around your own brand, change fonts sizes and styles, change all color palettes and icons to suit your corporate identity. Add your own front covers with custom images or dynamic galleries.

* Host your magazines

Retain your audience by integrating your curated magazine on your own website.

Once you have built your magazine, take the embedding code provided and add this to your site so all of your website traffic can benefit from viewing your content within your web portal.

* Cloud Services

Need external hosting? No problem.

Create store and manage all of your publication archives on our cloud solution. Hubs provides a hosting service so you can securely store all of your content on our ultra-fast international network of cloud servers.

* Statistics

Avail of our real time stat engine to get live feedback on how your readers are engaging with your content. Watch everything from how long they spend reading your magazines, to what are the area that interest each individual reader, or what types of articles have the highest efficiency and much more.

* Social Sharing

Promote your magazine throughout your social network with our easy to use social sharing tools.

Allow your readers to help increase traffic to your content by enabling them to easily customise your publications around their interests and promote your content through their social network.

All of these implements and more can set your business firmly in the mobile marketing stratosphere; Hubs can take care of all your requirements for mobile marketing without you having to change anything with your existing website.

Try Hubs for yourself today and don’t get left behind when it comes to mobile marketing.

By Charlie Gallagher


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