Report reveals increase of news consumption across multiple devices

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multiple devicesThe latest State of the News Media 2012 report was released yesterday from Pew Research Center. The report highlights some key facts and trends amongst the media and digital publishing industry which helps give publishers and marketers a real insight into where the market is heading.

A key finding from the report was that users are not using just one single device for their media consumption; instead they are accessing content across their other devices such as desktops to tablet devices to mobiles devices.

PewResearchCenter states “about a third, 34%, of desktop/laptop news consumers now also get news on a smartphone. About a quarter, 27%, of smartphone news consumers also get news on a tablet. These digital news omnivores are also a large percentage of the smart phone/tablet population. And most of those individuals (78%) still get news on the desktop or laptop as well.”

The time of day is a key factor in which devices readers use to access digital content. The image below from ComScore shows the trends of times of day and device, whilst the computer is used most often during the typical working hours of 9am to 5pm, users then switch to their mobile and tablet devices after 7pm.


multiple devices

The full report is available here which also includes findings on:

– The growing influence of technology giants on the future of news
– How new devices may be helping magazines
– The role of social media in news
– Which media sectors experienced revenue growth last year
– How a visually oriented year helped TV news in 2011
– How Native American communities are turning to cellphones for news

multiple devices


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