Reducing Print Costs with Digital Publications

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reduce print costs Meet Bob – Bob is a Marketing Manager, he has a few challenges…he’s not only faced with a reduced marketing budget this year, but his audience are becoming more wide-spread and harder to reach plus they are expecting more. Bob used to get his marketing literature printed and sent out to his customers, he’s now finding his budget no longer allows for the rising printing costs, and even if it did the ROI on this printed literature can no longer justify the cost.

A changing audience

Bob understands his target market’s attention is moving online, it seems his customers are seeking recommendations and product information more and more online, through social media sites. They also consume information differently now preferring media such as video to get the information needed, rather than reading pages of print.

Sounding familiar?

You just want to reach your growing target market, react quickly to changing conditions but you want to achieve all this and save money…possible? Yes it is.

4 Ways a Digital Publishing software solution can help you reduce costs

1. Printing costs

Through producing digital versions of your sales and marketing literature you can substantially cut your printing costs, leaving you with more budgets for other marketing activities.

2. Production costs

3D Issue is a fully complete software solution, this means you are in complete control. You create your own digital publications and you then host them on your own website. With you at the center of the decision making and production process you can save valuable time and money by making changes yourself without having to rely on any third parties.  Need to make a change to copy or update a price in your brochure? You can do this immediately and update the online version in minutes.

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3. Distribution costs

Distributing heavy printed catalogues and brochures can be very expensive, not to mention slow. Using a digital distribution channel you can get your message out to a wider audience, immediately with no postage costs.

4. Targeted communication

Do you know how effective your printed material is? Do you know how many catalogues or product brochures are read or simply thrown out with the rubbish? With a digital edition you can track exactly how successful each publication is. Check reader statistics and find out what is working and what could benefit from some ‘tweaking’, remove the guess work and focus your efforts and money on what works and gets you the best return.

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