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real-time-marketingWhat’s the focus of your promotional goals? Are you trying to find out the perfect way and time to reach your customer so you can maximize the ROI of your marketing strategy?

Whether you are a business owner or a dedicated marketer, I’m sure you have fantasized more than once about having the perfect marketing campaign, a marketing campaign that would not only make your brand stronger, but also bring lots of sales.

The truth is though, that even the best and most creative marketing campaigns fail to achieve their maximum potential because they don’t reach the customers on the right time.

Why is real time marketing important

In a time when everyone carries their mobile phone around, when everyone is connected all the time, and when our attention span has been reduced to seconds, real time communication is the key to a successful and effective marketing strategy.

Today, customers can’t be easily surprised and expect you to be in contact with them as soon as they need you to.

The role of mobile apps

Apps have become the best and most efficient marketing platform for Real time strategies. People use them whenever they want to satisfy certain needs. It doesn’t matter if those needs are related to information, making a purchase or even browsing.

So, what better way to get in contact with your audience in real time, than through an app installed in the phone they carry everywhere?

How can apps be used in real time marketing

When you install an an app, you’re usually prompted to agree to a few terms and conditions and to give the app permission to access certain features of the phone.

Some of those permissions may include your geo location, your list of Facebook friends, your public profile etc. Information that companies can use to tailor promotions for you.

Added value – This is the reason why people download the app in the first place. This added value can be in the form of one-time giveaways or promotions that are unique and limited to app users. One example would be a promotion that will only be available for 1 or 2 hours. You could push the notification of such promotion through the app so the user could avail of it.

Data collection and usage – If your customer attends an event that you’ve organised and wants to be informed of all what’s going on around them, you can add a category in your app for all the tweets that relate to a certain hashtag and let them access it. They will have the latest information on their hands. Use that hashtag yourself too and promote your brand in a non-intrusive way.

Geo location – Geo location is one of the key data you can get from your customer. Why? Let’s say you have a candy store and someone that downloaded your app is passing near you. Thanks to you having access to their location, you can send them a notification with promotions or information related to that shop. The output? Increased customer satisfaction, more sales and an incentive for the customer to keep your app installed in their phone.

Thank your customers – We’ve already mentioned how important push notifications are and how can you use them. Something you should also consider is combining push notifications with an “If This Then That” technology to automate your app marketing efforts. Customers like to feel important so, if one of your customers buys something from you and used they loyalty card, why don’t you send them a “thank you for your purchase” notification to their phone?

These are only one of many uses of apps for real time marketing. If you want to know more about this or put it into practice, you can start creating your app with the app platform free trial or send us an email to

Written by Paul McNulty
Paul McNulty is the CEO and founder of 3D Issue


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