Is Real Time Advertising Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Real-Time-AdvertisingTime is of the essence and never more than now in the mist of this digital revolution. In advertising, marketers are starting to appreciate the need for speed, and they are acquiring the software tools to take advantage of this opportunity.

Creating blogs and posts based on your products and services is a form of native advertising that most businesses take advantage of either by writing articles themselves or by employing influential writers in their industry to help promote their produces. The content may look like it’s been written in an article format, but will strategically endorse the brand merchandise indirectly. Now mix this with cutting edge technology and give digital marketers the vehicle to create a real-time advertising content in the form of a Hub. Once set up, the Hub can then operate by it’s self pulling in all your online content. Once you have submitted the sources, it will then auto update each time new content has been published or posted to the origin. Your Hub will consist of real-time advertising in this way.

Three professions that are collaborating of late are; advertisers, publishers and technology providers. They are advancing with innovations, working toward a particular direction of making advertising not only more responsive for all platforms and devices, but also integrated with consumers’ lives, in that the content that is related to them can be included in the Hub as well. Watch video tutorials on how to add RSS feeds (such as blogs), Social Networks, Google Alerts, trending news to your Hub.

Another fine enhancement in real-time advertising has been the ability to add pop up ads into your digital publications as a page turns. In a recent release of 3D Issue, the digital publishing suite has updated its software to now bring this feature to its users. It was something the publishers that currently use the software wanted as an extra feature for their advertising and since the release it is proving to be a huge success. Read more on this new advertising feature in this blog.

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By Audrey Henry


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