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digital publishing revenueAccording to an article published by CNET, a study conducted by the Macquarie Group  , reveals that desktop web search declined in September for the first time since 2006. Their main findings:

• Searches declined 4% year over year.

• Growth rates in search have been slowing since February, when searches were up 14%.

• The increasing number of mobile searches appears to be the biggest reason for the decline.

What is the cause of this decline?

This article emphasizes a key factor for this decline is the rise of non-traditional search engines that allows users to get information without the need to go online for Google assistance. For instance, if they need to search for destination on a map site; they can use the turn-by-turn directions, if they are searching for a restaurant; there are apps that can be used to find a good place to eat. There are now many different sites, apps and online resources that offer search facilities whereas previously searchers would have visited a traditional search engine.

In summary, the new trends have created new habits and as a result new strategies need to be implemented to satisfy the needs of the target users. According to Macquarie Group  , companies like Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in mobile search applications since it is predicted that by the end of the year, almost a third of Internet search traffic will come from smartphones and tablets.

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