7 Top Tips for Tracking Reader Analytics in Your Digital Editions

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Reader-AnalyticsThere is abundant value in measuring your reader analytics. Knowing what entices your readers can lead to all kinds of benefits from advertising revenue increases to web traffic and sales being generated from your digital editions. Want to know from click to click your reader’s journey through your publication? Now you can.

1. Create your digital editions with a software that can determine what readers like with a built in analytics tracking system.

2. The 3D Issue digital publishing software integrates with your google analytics account.

3. Track clicks on adverts and report back to advertisers. You can price ads on high engagement pages at premium prices in correlation with the data that is being fed back to you.

4. Use enhanced advertising features. 3D Issue for example, in their latest release has engineered a clever new advert that pops up wherever you want it to. Strategic placing of ads can now be even more controlled and traced to see what’s working and what’s not.

5. If you produce online magazines, eBooks, resource booklets, guidebooks, eBrochures or digital catalogs the stats on the pages that are getting the most views and the stats on the pages that are getting overlooked will be valuable to you in designing your future publications. See a short tutorial video explaining this here.

6. Pay attention to the analytics and act according upon the results. It’s no good having the reader engagement rates if you don’t act on the data you have got. Implement changes based on the results you see in the reader analytics.

7. With the release of 3D Issue version 7 in July 2014 a new digital edition stats portal was launched. You can analyze the performance of the digital publications you create with 3D Issues and easily determine what works best.

I hope today’s blog has enlightened you to the effect that tracking your reader analytics can have.

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By Audrey Henry


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