Publishing News to Terrify!

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Publishing-NewsAs always, to gain an increased readership and more subscription based clients, marketers and publishers avail of online sharing sites namely social networking platforms like Facebook. Finding regular and new readers is easy in this digital media marketplace. But is everything about to change to the detriment of publishers?

Today we cover a publishing news story regarding a popular UK based tabloid newspaper named “The Sun”.
Since their last published figures in October 2013 the Sun has had an 120% increase in subscribers to its digital content. However, the Sun’s overall paid readership is down by 2.2 percent. All this comes amid news that Facebook plan to change its mobile publishing model, which the chief marketing officer of the Sun recently said “is terrifying”. Sharing their stories and articles on Facebook gives them exposure and if that was the only online source of being found they would be on unsteady ground. The news is set to affect lots of publishers who find subscribers this way.

Facebook is allegedly going to push publishers to begin publishing within the Facebook mobile app, which the Sun’s Chris Duncan CMO said “I think it would be a very terrifying time to be a publisher whose entire web traffic was dependent on Facebook,”. “Facebook is moving into a world which has designs on how publishers should publish and that is problematic. We’re in a fortunate position where we can use Facebook as a channel, but ultimately we are dealing with our customers direct and we’re dealing with them in our apps. So while social media is a big driver to get our stories out, to get discoverability, if it was the only thing we did we’d be struggling as a business.”

I guess the moral of today’s publishing news story is that marketers need to have new modes of sharing and finding new readers in place to survive Facebook’s tough new changes due early in 2015.

By Audrey Henry


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