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publishing for mobile devicesFollowing on from our recent news post “Mobile growth in 2012 – are you reaching this expanding digital audience?Techcrunch reported on OS share of smartphone sales on their site yesterday which highlights some further interesting points around market share and where the mobile market is heading. This is particularly useful for  publishers and marketers to see the trends in which devices and operating systems are being used most widely to access content.

The article reports on the race for market share which is seeing a tough battle at the top:

“iOS’s U.S. market share (by sales) jumped from 26% in the third quarter of 2011 to 43% by October and November. Android, however, came out on top, with 47% market share during those two months, down from 60% in Q3.”

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This is a significant change, when comparing historical market share figures. Previously Android had been the leader by a good margin, and it had been this way for some time. RIM’s share seems to have declined at a steady rate with Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile and others staying around the 5% mark.

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So what caused the rise of iOS and apparent fall of Android between Qtr 3 2011 and October/November 2011? Looking at the breakdown of handset sales it seems the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S has made a strong contribution to this topping the chart of the top 10 models during October and November 2011 in the mobile device category; iPhone 4 in 2nd place topped only by the iPhone 4s in 1st place. The holiday season also contributed to a rise across device sales.

It’s important for marketers and publishers to ensure their digital editions can be viewed across multiple mobile devices,  as the competition between devices continues to be a highly competitive and changing space. HTML5 digital editions enable this (so be sure to check the HTML5 mobile and tablet option if creating 3D Issues of your publications!)


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