Features to Include when Publishing an Online Magazine

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publishing-an-online-magazineToday we would like to showcase the top features you should include to give your online magazine the edge over the competition! Publishing a magazine can mean real marketing opportunities can exist like never before. Think about teasing the senses of your audience, how about some audio, video, image galleries, hyperlinks, flash and HTML5 animations. What do you think?

The essential feature list:

Image Gallery: Property magazines can avail of this feature in a big way. You know how usually each property is listed with a photo of the front of the house and the asking price. How about an option to click on an “more photos” icon and get a pop-out slide show of all the interior rooms in the house.
Click on the image below to see this feature in all its glory!

This is one example of how our customer use this feature. Please see this step by step video tutorial on how to add an image gallery to your online magazine.

Hyperlinks: Check out Media ten’s Publication below. They designed their digital brochure in landscape orientation. It’s to market a design trade event, where each product is displayed with a handy hyperlink at the bottom of the page so the viewer can gain further information on the company’s website.
Click on the image below to see this hyperlink feature along the bottom of the pages!


You can refer to this video tutorial if you would like to add hyperlinks to your publication.


In this last sample, we have an array of features: Animation, Video, Audio, Weblinks, Jump to page, Image Gallery and Embedded Buttons.
Click on the image below to see all these features throughout the publication


You can access the video tutorials outlining the steps to incorporate these features into your online magazine anytime from our site.

You could also attend a 30 minute webinar to gain a quick overview of the software as demonstrated by one of the 3D Issue team. You can ask questions during the presentation and listen as fellow publishers ask the questions that matter to their e-magazines.

Gaining insights will lead to new ideas and improvements you can make, the features all come with the Pro version of the 3D Issue software so why not utilize them to the full.

By Audrey Henry


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