Publishers Placing Restrictions on e-Book Library Lending

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e-book publishersThe e-Book sector has been the recipient of many positive developments in recent years. Publishers; however, have been placing some restrictions on e-Book library lending. According to this report some well-known publishers such as Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan and Simon & Schuster have placed restrictions on e-Book library lending:

•  Random House allows its e-Books to be available to libraries, but at prices that are much higher than retail prices

•  HarperCollins allow for books to be checked 26 times before a new copy has to be bought

•  Macmillan is running a scheme, with a two-year trial that allows 1,200 older e-Books to be available to libraries

•  Simon & Schuster do not make e-Books available to any libraries

Nevertheless, a promising step has been taken by one of the most important publishers globally. This article reports that ‘Penguin has recently decided to make e-Books available to lend once again’. In 2010, Penguin decided to stop offering e-Books to libraries ‘citing its concerns regarding the security of digital editions’, as a result; this decision might come as a surprise to many publishers.

…So what factors have influenced the comeback of Penguin in this sector?

In the words of penguin’s VP of online sales and marketing ‘After careful examination of  pilot programs, the company is ready to take the next step and offer what consumers and libraries have been asking for, thus fulfilling its mission to bring new writers to readers’.

The article explains that Penguin allows each eBook to be lent to a person at a time, and the following year the library has to buy a copy of the eBook – the prices are the same as any retail price.

Will this decision opened up new opportunities for writers and satisfy the needs of readers to access their favorite book through this platform? As an offering to the book lovers; this move has the potential to further increase the popularity of e-Books as a trend and promote new writers. For more information on this increasingly popular platform, download our free guide: 5 Mistakes to avoid when writing an e-book

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