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Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.59.46News that has caused quite a stir in the publishing world this week, as you can probably guess from the title, is that publishers Mills & Boon have made the bold move of creating their own mobile app. The publishers citing the recent surge of consumers who are now reading their titles on smartphones and tablets, as the driving force behind the pivot in their approach to the digital book market.

In an interview with the BBC’s Douglas Shaw, a spokeswoman for the company alluded to the move when she spoke of the reasons why the long established publisher took the decision to pursue the stand alone option as not to be seen ‘as competition with Amazon’ but to ‘allow their consumers to buy their books in the places they want buy them’.
The spokeswomen for the company continued that they had; ‘re-launched their direct consumer website’ and ‘they wanted it be a place where the consumer to discover, to shop, to share and to read, and they also ‘wanted the branded app to be part of that branded journey’.

The move offers the publisher many benefits, namely the removal of the percentage that the digital superstores take in return for selling their titles, a process that would be negated by the publisher enabling the consumer to download and read their books directly through their own app, as opposed to having to use the long established platforms such as the Kindle, to obtain their titles. branded magazine apps.

A quarter of all books sold in the UK and the US are now eBooks, eBook sales are continuously growing but the same cannot be said of the eBook reader itself which has been seeing somewhat of a plateau in terms of the units being sold. Experts in the field believe that mobile and tablet reading will now drive eBook growth, making the app reader more attractive than ever to the publisher.

Publishers are widely expected to follow Mills and Boons lead and start to concentrate on producing their own apps with the aim of selling directly to the public as this growing trend of reading content though smartphone and tablets amongst consumers continues for the foreseeable future.

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