How to Improve Social Click-Through Rates for Published Content

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Published-ContentThe vast majority of businesses, schools, universities and institutions, these days create content on a regular basis. They blog, share socially and provide their audience with online resources such guides, tutorials, videos, be it advertising or academically related. With the implementation of new digital publishing tools you can gain more traffic to your content.

The array of published content has sky rocketed over the recent years and now the area that digital marketers are interested in is the content’s delivery. Showcasing content as a hub is a state of the art way to provide information to your audience. Once in the hub they are likely to engage with your content for longer as they won’t be distracted as easily. Click here to view a hub, you can see how the blogs are broken up into categories, and each social network has a section too, putting all the published content under one roof, so to speak!


The social sites are increasingly making it difficult for our content to appear organically, constantly wanting us to pay for sponsoring of a blog post or information we share on their social site.

News has emerged today that Facebook how plan to stream even further the content that will appear in our news feed. They intend to use an algorithm based on the posts with the most click though rates – not just the most likes to appear the most. The more obscure content and a lot of content shared from pages we have liked may not even come into our view at all.

The organic beauty of it has gone, Facebook opts to please the masses instead. But we are individuals, and our specific tastes can still be met, but we must check out other means of doing so. Integration of our Facebook posts can be achieved through a hub, watch a quick video outlining the steps of adding your Facebook profile to the hub. Here in the Hub all the content you share on Facebook can have its own space, and inform your customer, audience, or student without distraction.

By Audrey Henry


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