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publish curated contentThe idea of responsive web design (RWD) is concerned with some key factors so as a publisher one needs to consider what impact this might have on the content creator and the publisher. The idea is primarily one of consistency across devices – ‘a mindset in action!’…

Since the introduction of HTML5 to 3D Issue Hubs, it has been possible to create two versions of a magazine – One for tablet devices in HTML5, one for smart phones also in HTML5. The desktop variant whilst built in good ‘oul flash will adapt to the window size as specified by the reader. Hubs similarly will adjust to the reader window.

The increase in communication and general talk about RWD has increased. So what are the implications for your readers when it comes to publishing with RWD in mind?

Some of the thought leaders in this area are saying that is only a good thing for all on-line publishing.

This article by James Blake Design in the UK outlines how we should really consider the advantages and requirements for a website from the beginning. Implementation can be as effective as possible. In this way – This point certainly rings true when we consider the point that a mobile site which is not developed for mobile as well as desktop will do more harm than good.

According to Mongoose Metrics, who are a call tracking firm only 9% of sites are ready for mobile in 2012 as cited here.

If we consider briefly the impact that this can have on commerce generally from the infographic above we may assume that our digital publications must also bring the same approach where presentation is potentially even more important (Infographic is from


In order to prepare our digital publications for multiple device consumption there will be more planning involved in the creation and execution of content. No longer will the content be just converted and uploaded as a digital publication rather the publishing of content must be developed with digital publishing at the forefront of the mind – for both reader and publisher alike.

By Paul Mc Nulty.


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