To Publish An App for iOS or Android?

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Publish An AppHere is an important question to ask as a publisher, do I need to publish with an App in mind and should that be for iOS or Android?

According to Pew Internet Research, one third of Americans own Tablet devices and 56% of Americans own Smart phones. With these staggering figures in mind, it is safe to say a publisher must have Mobile devices in mind when creating a digital publication. With the Ability of allowing the reader to download an App to view the publications, it also means that the readers can view the publications offline in an App.

Should a publisher create a publication for an iOS App or an Android App?

With the 3D Issue software, the publisher can have both!

With the 3D Issue Professional and Enterprise software, there is the option to have an App (apple, Android or Facebook) available for the reader. If the publisher has selected the App feature in their software, once a reader accesses the publication using a mobile device, they will be given the option “do you want to download the 3D Issue App) if they say yes then they will be brought to the Apple store of Android store (depending on the device) where they can download the 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App.

The reader can then download the publication to their App and it allows the reader to view the publication offline. This is a 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App, but a publisher can purchase a custom App if they wish to have an App with their company features.

If a publisher purchased the Branded App, they would receive the following with the App;

•  Custom App Name / Title

•  Custom app icon

•  Custom Store description (Apple App store and Android Play store)

•  Custom Store Screenshots

•  Customized app loading page

•  Submission of App to Apple App Store and Google Play

•  App will be provided with no in app purchasing all sales must take place on website (No revenue share)

•  Downloading of issues to the device for viewing offline when no internet connection

•  Customized URL scheme so the device will know to open their publications in app or redirect the user to their app on the app store if it is not already installed

•  Automatic updating of issues in publication’s library once an issue has been downloaded (if the library file gets updated all users that have downloaded an issue from that library will see the updated issue list the next time they open

To see more information on the Custom App, please click the following link; Custom App.

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By Derek Kelly


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