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publications going digital?With print publications being challenged and sometimes succeeded by savvy digital publications, marketers and companies across the globe are going digital with interactive publications. EBooks, brochures, catalogues, magazines and newspapers are now surging in popularity and companies are positioning their products and services in digital format online to reach all ages.

Gone are the days of lengthy waits to have work published. Digital publishing is speedy and accessible within minutes.  Google, Sony and Amazon are prime examples of how digital publishing has been utilized. In a November blog we stated some of the revenue benefits of going digital with companies like Stevie Spring of Future Magazine claiming that they made £11.5 million for their UK publication in one year of going digital.

So what are the benefits of going digital and why are publications embracing this as a market tool?

1. Digital publications are graphic and visual displaying content in an easy to consume manner.  Readers often ‘scan’ read publications so catchy publications instantly grab more attention.
2. Publications can sell advertising space within their publication as another source of revenue.
3. Going digital is a fraction of the price of print editions which means little  overheads. There are no printing costs, no material bills and no real labouring expenses.

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4. Digital publications have become a two way communication channel with readers now able to avail of spontaneous and instant feedback on articles and products. Readers like to be able to respond and comment on their publications.
5 Publications can become part of the social media community via Facebook and Twitter services. Readers can e mail their friends and recommend links to publications. This is a great way for marketers to get their product ‘out there’.
6. Analytics and optimization enable marketers to track reader activity and measure the popularity of particular articles and pages. Links within publications can also direct traffic to your website.
7. By going digital companies are making their publication easily available to every age group world wide.
8. Digital publications offer immediate access to up to date information as it happens. No more waiting for next weeks issue to be printed. Pages can be added, deleted and edited with a few clicks.

From all the benefits listed above its no wonder that companies are embracing digital publication to develop business opportunities and models. The information collected and tracked creates ample prospects in marketing, advertising and revenue.

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