6 Top Tips to Promoting your Business Through New Software Tools

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Promoting-your-businessThe hype with aggregation of content is fueled by a demand. Marketers are fired up from this new form of curation of content from small to medium sized businesses to large corporations. This clever piece of software can serve all in seconds. Have a look at an aggregated hub and learn how this new form of promotion is spreading.

Delivering your content with the help of a software tool has been common practice for some time now. The newest of the contenders offering a lot. By using Hubs you can:
1. Encourage others to talk about you!
2. Be innovative!
3. Include your logo and identity; you can personalize your hub.


4. Have responsive content; Even if you don’t have a responsive website when you add your feeds; Blog, RSS in the hub your content will then be responsive. A huge bonus if you follow device viewing trends. Only yesterday I spotted an article detailing that online shoppers on mobiles has overtaken desktop for the first time. Is your audience consuming your content on mobiles? Check the stats on this, guaranteed a large percentage are and its probably way more than you think.
5. Avail of the power of social networks; you can add the social networks you have profiles on in your hub.
6. Build relationships; networking can reap many rewards, organizations working together that have business that complement each other can have huge benefits. Hubs can be made up of as many contributors as you like. An email can be set up for these contributors to add content to the hub.

By Audrey Henry


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