Promoting unlawful distribution of copywritten content could put you in jail

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copyright publishingDigital publishers have previously come under attack for publishing copyright articles and content that a) don’t belong to them and/or b) have been published without permission. One such example is the Cooks Source incident. We at 3D Issue wrote a blog about this incident just a few weeks ago reporting on the shocking effects of one cookery publishers poor decision to use and edit an article without permission.

Brad Templeton discusses the 10 main  myths about copyright in his blog. It’s a compilation of his own tips and hints regarding digital publishing and copyrights. It does clear up a few misconceptions about this delicate topic.

Granted that written publishing copyright offences are not as commonly heard off as the music and video copyright crimes and are as not as legally punishable. However, if the Piratebay incident is anything to go by then digital publishers need to stand up and pay attention because pretty soon they could be tarred with the same jailable punishment for . It is an equally serious offence.

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The 4 owners of Piratebay website boasted an impressive following of 22 million users. They ‘encouraged illegal sharing’ of video and music files on the internet.

Although their site did not host these files it did contain weblinks to those that did. This was seen as a
“criminal enterprise to enrich its owners at the expense of musicians and other creators,” Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive of the UKs BPI

The courts enforced a collective $6.5million fine and each received a jail term of up to 10 months. So publishers need to be aware that they too are criminally liable. So should they choose to infringe copyright laws or infringe the tools to do in their published articles then they could also face a law suit. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act warns of these dangers.

So to all the publishers out there be careful what you publish because almost all content is copyrighted the minute it is written!


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