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personalized magaiznesMagazines and newspapers have been around for centuries, some dating back as far as 1605 and if you delve deep enough there is proof of printed material dating back to the era of the Han dynasty, (second and third centuries AD!)

Their history (and coverage of), has gone hand in hand with history itself, they have been the chronicle of our times past; they were the medium most associated with the garnering of information relating to events happening all around us. They were our gateway, along with radio, to information from around the world, a source of content we would routinely turn to when educating and updating ourselves.

The importance of newspapers and magazines to our history and culture cannot be understated; they are the very fibre of our printed history. Some would argue, rightly or wrongly, that newspapers can have an agenda or a leaning towards certain influences. This can lead to certain publications being branded under one banner or another and have a particular readership due to this.The advent of the internet and in particular the content available through it has changed this outlook irrevocably.

Content and the internet

One of the internet’s shining lights has been its ability to furnish us with information that we, once upon a time not so long ago, would have had no access to. Too often nowadays we let this fact slip from our minds, if we have a question or we are seeking information about a particular subject, it’s all too easy to log onto to the net and locate the information we require, our forefathers would have jumped for joy at a resource that, nowadays, we generally take for granted.

There is no doubt the internet has revolutionised the way we locate and digest content, more than ever before, we have a near unlimited source of information available to us. All these resources are readily obtainable, and literally right at our fingertips.

What do you look for in a newspaper/magazine?

Everyone has their own reasons for reading a newspaper, whether it is to check the latest news, current affairs, politics, sport, weather, trends, we all have our own agenda that we want to quench through knowledge. Some of us even read a newspaper or magazine in a certain way, one that springs to mind which some sports fans may appreciate, is the way some people read the paper from back to front (after a quick look at the front page of course!)

Personalized magazines and a one to one approach

Traditionally newspapers have taken a ‘one view for the masses’ or a ‘one size fits all approach’; this was an acceptable method, acceptable that is, until the availability of the internet and the colossal amount of information it presents to us. Now we have the opportunity, as the consumer, to choose what we want to see, hear and read. No longer do we have to rely on being told what is ‘news’ or what we should be taking notice of, we have the opportunity to seek this news for ourselves and make our own minds up.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your very own personal magazine containing all the things you wish to be informed of? All the topics, that you, as an individual, find interesting and relevant? Think about it, if you had the chance, what would your personal magazine contain? Would you have a broad range of items of interest? Maybe you would centre your approach on a select few topics?

Whatever your interests you could have your very own digital personal magazine configured to suit your every need, it sounds too good to be true but publications such as Hubs make such a situation entirely possible. No more would you have to rely on the media’s ‘one size fits all approach’, you could tailor a ‘one to one’ personal magazine that suits your needs and wants.

To create such a personal magazine, all you have to do is using a publication such as Hubs, point it towards the relevant sources and articles that you require to be updated on, this can be achieved through the sites rss feeds, blogs, headlines, video or audio updates. What you will then have is a fully functional, digital personal magazine containing all your favourite subjects.

If your personal magazine is configured to work from Rss feeds it will also update itself automatically. Throw in the fact that Hubs can adjust itself to suit any resolution, (reading your personal magazine on a journey on your phone for example), then I’ll think you’ll agree that a personal magazine is the way forward, there is one out there for you, all you have to do is try out 3D Issue Hubs and you will be one step closer to having your very own personal magazine.

By Charlie Gallagher


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