The Benefits of Converting PDF to Online Magazine

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pdf converts to digital magazineThe benefits of converting PDF to online magazine are above and beyond using a traditional print magazine.  You can do so much more with your online magazine such as track statistics; add interactivity allowing you to communicate with your reader on a much higher level.

Step 1: Download 3D Issue software.

“Try before you buy” by downloading the 14 day Free Trial, it is fully functional which means you can use the full software for a month, you can upload to 3D Issue test server or to your own site. This is the perfect way to see what you can get by converting PDF to online magazine.

Step 2: Set up.

Set up your software adding your logo, domains, SEO and FTP information.

Step 3: Convert PDF to online magazine.

Import your PDFs, add interactivity, select what devices you want your online magazine to be viewed on, and click “build.” You now have converted your PDF to online magazine.

Track statistics

You can sign up for a Google Analytics account, when you have your ID number you can enter this into the SEO information section of the software to track statistics. Full Statistics which is offered in 3D Issue Professional edition includes:

• How long readers spend reading your magazine

• How many times readers zoom in on each page

• Average number of pages read per visit

• Which pages the reader skipped to

• Which audio files, video files and flash movies the reader played

• Which websites the reader visited

• What comments the reader forwarded

• What addresses the reader sent emails to

• What keywords the reader searched for

• How often the reader used thumbnail navigation

• How many readers used the exit button

• How many readers skipped to other editions

• How many readers altered the settings

• What pages the readers printed

• What articles in the contents menu the reader clicked on

• From which page the reader initiated the send to friend feature

• Where your readers are logging in from and their browser settings

• Total number of readers per issue, percentage of new readers per issue and percentage of repeat readers per issue

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Converting PDF to online magazine means that you have the ability to control who sees your magazine by adding the user login feature. Interactivity is one of the main reasons why publishers want to convert PDF to online magazine.  It has huge advantages including the ability to target a range of populations, add advertising, and interacting with the reader. Interactivity functions available are:

• Go to Page: Reader can jump to a specific page

• Add a web link: Reader can connect to a webpage

• Add Comments: Reader can add comments to be directed to an email address

• Information button: Provide pop up information

• Image Gallery: Add a pop out photo album

• Email: Reader can email a specified contact from within the magazine

• Flash: Flash animation will appear centre screen

• Download: Specify a file which is downloaded where the button is clicked

• Video: Add a video file or YouTube video to play in a window

• Audio: Allows readers to play audio files in the background or on separate pages

• Embed Flash: Drag a box where flash animations can be played

• Open File: For offline versions

• Embed Movie: drag a box where a video file or YouTube video will play.

As you can see, converting PDF to online magazine is quick, easy and gets you a lot more than just a magazine. You can track statistics, add interactivity allowing you to communicate with your readers at a much higher level. Have a look at what others have said about converting PDF to online Magazine using 3D Issue Software.

By Emer Mc Williams


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